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My recipe called for onions,
But butternut is so sweet and mild,
And mine was so fine and orange when I cut it
That this seemed like a crime.

I went the two blocks to the co-op for fennel,
Found none,
Walked home with leeks instead,
Which is fine--as we will be living in a world without leeks in a couple weeks anyway.

There was cider for sweetness as well,
Granny smiths for tartness
(Plus one, as I know you love them dearly)
Carrots for color,
Fresh thyme my only seasoning.
(The recipe called for dry--trespass number two)

For the rest of the day I will assemble my soup,
Using winter vegetables and
The Accumulated Knowledge of the last two years.

Leave the skins on the onions (fine for the stock)
It will add color and nutrients.
Don't peel the carrots for much the same reason.
A potato will make for a creamy soup--

And careful cleaning the leeks, they are a dirty vegetable as a rule.

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