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My Summer Vacation

I've been e-mailing back and forth with my dad, working on plans for a vacation we're planning on taking together. The original idea was for us to meet in Ashland with the bikes and backpacks for ten days of hiking, biking and river rafting. Now it's looking like (Due to ol' T-Bones touring schedule) I'll be heading to the central coast, going to a concert and then heading out to the Sierra's for a week of one on one backpacking.
Ten days...
That's a long time for two people with a history like ours. We don't see eye to eye in general, and there is still a lot of hurt and misunderstanding there. It's odd, as I've been noticing recently how much like him I am. Strange that two people who are so similar have to fight to find things to talk about.
Shortly after he proposed this trip I remembered the camping trip he took my brother on when I was 10 and Chris was 17. I was so hurt that I didn't get to go--even though they were backpacking and it's very likely was too young. I just remember feeling left out and rejected. I wonder if he's trying to make up for that now, catching up on the male bonding activities that we missed out on. I think that might be the case, and that he's too shy to say that he's trying to get to know his other son. From there I am again forced to think that he belives me. From there I move to a place of incredible gratitude.
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